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Today’s world is a complex world.
Everything is connected to everything else.
Try to change something in a complex world
and there are very likely to be unexpected side-effects.
Most change attempts end in failure.
Innovation is successful step-change.
Over 98% of innovation attempts end in failure.
Innovation is the most difficult game in the world.
Meta-innovation is about the study of innovation,
whether technical, business, social,
governmental, ecological or within the arts.
It is the result of an 18 year, 1000 person-year,
3.5 million case study programme of research.
It is about stepping back far enough from
each innovation attempt in order to see a bigger picture.
We have now unravelled that bigger picture.
We work with clients to help them see their own bigger picture
so when they look to begin their next innovation attempt,
they understand the rules of the game well enough to
massively increase their chances of being in the 2% of winners.
There are six aspects to the meta-innovation offering:
C-Suite Engagements
Measurement Tools
Research Services
Education Services
The Methodology
Innovation Strategy Projects

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